Recent Changes to the site

As frequent visitors to this forum will notice, we have added a few simple categories to channel some of the discussion and provide quicker access to topics. A description of each of the new categories is provided below. As always, if you have questions, or comments, please open a new topic in the site feedback category and let’s discuss!

Known Bugs

This category contains topics regarding defects that we have triaged and added to our backlog. Topics in this category will be created and modified by our moderators. It is meant to be the go to source for you if you would like to find out if we know about a particular issue. We will post our internal ticket number in each topic for reference. This ticket number will also be posted in ‘Release’ categories when a fix is made.


The Frequently Asked Questions category provides answers to your commonly asked questions.

Tips and Tricks

This is a category for everyone to share shortcuts and useful techniques when using the BC Registries API service. To provide others with a piece of advice on how to save time, or even just to inform, please add a topic here.

Report an Issue

If you find an issue/defect with the service, please look in the Known Bugs category to determine if it has been reported previously. If you can’t find a previous report of the issue, please add a topic to this category. Add as much detail as you can about the issue (e.g. what were you attempting when the issue was found, the time and date, expectation vs actual result).

Please remember DO NOT POST ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION. DO NOT copy and paste any examples, API keys, pictures or private information.

We monitor the topics in this category frequently. All reported issues will be triaged and receive a response.

Upcoming Releases

This is your sneak peak at fixes and new features that will be released next. Known bug fixes will be identified by our internal ticket number for quick cross-reference.

Past Releases

A history of past fixes and released features can be found here. Fixes and features will be identified by our internal ticket number.

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