RESOLVED: Business Debtor Name search character requirement (BUG)

Question: When testing our system with PPSA searches we noticed your new API does not accept business name having less than 5 characters.

This is a new limitation specific to the new API; your old system accepts business name of 4, 3 (and maybe less) characters.

I looked up in the historic our own system to see what short business names real peoples searched in different Canadian PPR production environment, and found searches on:

• “IBM”
• “RONA”
• “CAE”
• “LGS”
• “A&W”
• “BELL”
• “DELL”

RESPONSE: The issue identified above is a bug. In the UI we require two characters for a business name search. A change will be made to the UI over the next few days to implement the same two character minimum.

RESOLUTION: The change to address this was released Jan 19, 2022.