PPR March 8 Release

Ticket 11292 - The Surrender Date in Total Discharge for a Repairers Lien was displaying as ‘Invalid date’. This has been corrected.

Ticket 11252 - Since the registering party will prepopulate for BCOL Helpdesk staff in the “Your registration must include the following” list, a checkmark will be included before registering party to indicate that it’s complete.

Ticket 11180 - When an amendment was performed on a registration with 2 individual names with updates to both names, the amendment badges and ‘formerly’ names were not displaying properly. This has been corrected.

Ticket 10743 - For non billable accounts, the full fee amount was displaying in the account transaction reporting. This has been corrected to show the appropriate amount.

Ticket 10431 - The Registering Party for PPR Staff and BCOL Help on registration, amendment, renewal and discharge is now prepopulating on the screens.

Ticket 10100 - For an Individual Debtor Name search, debtor names are now displayed in Last, First Middle order in both the search results list and the search output PDF.

Ticket 9030 - For a new registration, Folio Number field has been updated to allow up to 50 characters.

Ticket 11393 - Entering maximum field length values in the Individual Debtor First, Middle and Last Name fields would cause issues generating the search key, and registrations would not complete. This has been corrected.

Ticket 11187 - Maximum field length edits have been activated for Business and Individual Debtor Name fields to prevent registration failures.

Ticket 10518 - Text and visual updates have been made to the Amendment screens.