PPR March 24 Release

  • Ticket 10276 - The icon and title displayed in the browser tab have been updated to be consistent with the other BC Registries applications.

  • Ticket 10426 - The Account Settings dropdown (upper right corner of the screen) now displays as the top layer of the page. This prevents other screen text from blocking display of the dropdown list.

  • Ticket 10504 - When a PPR search is performed, the list of exact match results and the list of partial match results on the Search Results screen will each be presented in order of Registration Date with the oldest registration first.

  • Ticket 11083 - The Registering Party on Step 4 of a Registration (Review and Confirm) will be pre-populated, even if the client goes directly to the step before accessing step 2 to confirm the Registering Party.

  • Ticket 10550 - For Registries Staff and BCOL Help Desk Staff, there will be no restrictions on the list of Secured Parties displayed in the dropdown when registering a Crown Charge.

  • Ticket 11491 - Field edits on the Manufactured Home Registration Number when entering vehicle collateral of type Manufactured Home have been corrected to prevent errors in completing the registration.

  • Ticket 11089 - Section titles for Exact Matches and Similar Matches were added to the Search Results screen. If there are no exact matches, text will display indicating so.

  • Ticket 11114 - When an entry is added to the Registrations table due to retrieving a registration or completing a registration, the new entry will auto scroll to the top of the table and temporarily display with a green background. If the new entry is an amendment, discharge or renewal, the base registration will be expanded to show the new entry.

  • Ticket 8630 - When downloading a PDF search result or verification statement, the filename will now include information describing the output rather than being just numeric. For search results, the filename will include the date, search parameter and search ID. For verification statements, the filename will include the date, registration type and registration number.