PPR June 16 Release

  • Ticket 11329 - Titles for amendments in PPR outputs have been updated to reflect the activity that occurred for the registration. (Ex. Amendment - Debtors Amended, Amendment - Collateral Added)
  • Ticket 12410 - Issues were encountered with amendment registrations when the legacy addresses that were not Canada or the US were missing Region information. The API validation has been modified to account for this and prevent the issue from recurring.
  • Ticket 11722 - Within the PPR Search Output PDFs, text ‘in Report’ has been added to clarify differences between numbers of matches and registrations within the search results and what was selected for the report. (Ex. 0 Matches in 0 Registrations in Report)
  • Ticket 12537 - The name displayed below the signature stamp for Certified PPR Outputs has been updated from KAINE SPARKS to T.K.SPARKS.
  • Ticket 12028 - An entered Folio Number on an amendment, renewal or discharge will now display on the Verification Statement.
  • Ticket 11560 - Alignment of the page number within the Table of Contents in PPR Search Output has been adjusted to line up with the other fields in the same row.
  • Ticket 8486 - For Crown Charge - Other registrations, the act entered by the client is now displayed on the outputs.