PPR April 20 Release

Ticket 11758: In the Registration table a user may now filter the ‘Registered By’ field by middle or last name.

Ticket 11516: In the Repairer’s Lien renewal users who entered court order information and removed that were unable to complete their renewal. This validation issue has been resolved. Additional validations have been added for mandatory court order fields.

Ticket 11510: When a user amends a repairer’s lien to remove vehicle collateral and only one vehicle collateral remains the ‘Amend’ button is deactivated.

Ticket 8084: The PPR registration stepper has been updated visually so icons and text do not move when green check marks and red x icons turn on and off.

Ticket 10194: In discharges the wording for secured party and registering party has been updated to clearly identify if a verification statement will be issued.

Ticket 11203: Crown charge filings have been updated so general collateral shows as required and vehicle collateral may be added as optional.