PPR May 5 Release

  • Tickets 11255, 11270, 11983 - A WYSIWYG editor has been added to allow for better formatting of General Collateral text within registration and amendment activities. This will also allow pasting of text from external text editors with formatting preserved in the UI and PDF documents.
  • Ticket 9336 - Registration type descriptions have been updated for display in the UI and on the output reports.
  • Tickets 11394, 11917, 12011, 11469 - Search table will display up to 14 days of results to a maximum of 1000 entries.
  • Ticket 11687 - When amending a Crown Charge registration, amending a Debtor followed by adding a Secured party would result in an error and the registration would not complete. This has been corrected.
  • Ticket 11655 - Browser title on the BC Registries dashboard has been updated to ‘BC Registries Dashboard’.
  • Ticket 10153 - Enhancements have been applied to the Vehicle Collateral table for button alignment and text wrapping.
  • Ticket 11861 - Renewing a registration for an infinite time period resulted in the Registration Life displaying as 180 days in the Verification Statement and search output. This has been corrected to display ‘Infinite’.
  • Ticket 11944 - On a PPR registration, the Expiry Date in the API was incorrect for dates beyond 2037. This has been corrected.

With releases will there be a point in time API subscribers will receive notification of an update prior to the release? Where changes could be impactful we would like to try to test in the sandbox prior finding out we have a production issue.


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Hi Chelsea,

I will connect with the other product owners to discuss our release approach and potential ways to enhance that. I anticipate being able to address your question early next week.

Thank you!