PPR February 7 Release

Ticket 10888 - The issue with duplicate General Collateral entries displaying on the screens has been resolved.

Ticket 10521 - For amendments, modifications have been made to display appropriate badges on added, amended or deleted information, and to correct validation logic that is preventing amendments from completing successfully.

Ticket 10905 - Additional support for redirects on the BC Registries login page.

Ticket 10866 - Modifications to support the What’s New information, Account ID changes and redirection to the login page when not logged in.

Ticket 10795 - Screen flow and redirects on logout from the application have been modified for a better user experience.

Ticket 11057 - Clients have experienced the situation on amendment where no error is displayed but the transaction won’t complete. This issue has been resolved.

Ticket 10815 - Searches can now be initiated by pressing the Enter key, in addition to clicking on the search button.

Ticket 10077 - Search and retrieval by Registration Number now requires a 7 character field to be entered. Blanks will not be allowed.