New Business Search API launching

On October 24, 2022, new API services are launching:

A new Business Search API will provide access to business information and filings for:

  • Cooperative associations, benefit companies, sole proprietorships and general partnerships.

  • Other entities, including corporations, will remain searchable in the BC OnLine user interface until they are modernized to this new Search API at a later date

The Business Registry API will launch to allow for retrieval of sole proprietorship and general partnerships data but will not accept new filing submissions at this time.

You can now request Production API keys if you have completed all your development and testing in the sandbox API environment. Follow the instructions here to submit your API keys request.

Prior to October 24th the APIs are available in Prod for connectivity testing only. (Data is currently being migrated and should be available soon).

Please post any questions related to APIs in this Discourse forum with the api tag.