PPR June 1 Release

  • Ticket 12247 - The signature image has been updated to reflect Kaine Sparks replacing Carol Prest as Registrar at BC Registries and Online Services.
  • Ticket 11012 - If a PPR Report is not accessible on the dashboard after 20 minutes due to Report API issues, clicking the i icon to retrieve it will retry the attempt to generate the report.
  • Ticket 11956 - When performing a Manufactured Home Number search in PPR, entering all digits but the leading zeros as the search parameter will now result in an exact match to the 6 digit Manufactured Home Number.
  • Ticket 12164 - When an Amendment or Discharge is performed, a verification statement is mailed to the Secured Party if they are not the same as the Registering Party. If the only difference between the two parties is a space in the postal code, the verification statement will not be mailed.