Pre Go Live Release Schedule -UPDATED RELEASES NOTES

Two releases are being made available this week in the Personal Property Registry sandbox:

  • First release has been completed as of this afternoon, Monday, January 17, 2022
  • Second release will be completed on * Wednesday, January 19, 2022

*Please note that there will be a code freeze starting Wednesday afternoon until post go-live, January 25, 2022.

The API Release Management section of our API Services site has been updated as well and can be found near the bottom of the page.

We thank you for sharing this journey with us and appreciate everyone’s testing efforts!

Personal Property Registry

Release Notes

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Priority 1.0/1.5 tickets

Zenhub Ticket # Issue Description
8684 When searching, the Exact match counts sometimes differ between the Search Results and the entry in the My Searches table due to the same registration having multiple matches to the search parameter. Labels, text and tool tips were updated to better reflect what is being displayed. (related to 10695)
10695 The API was updated to reference Matches rather than Registrations as labels in the Search History table. (related to 8684)
10299 The Re-Register action will not be included in the PPR Go Live application. Removed Re-Register from the list of actions in the My Registrations table.
9850 GL coding updates for SBC Office PPR GARMS Codes to handle payments for services provided by SBC Staff.
10707 Display of General Collateral in Consolidated View of Financing Statement corrected.
10706 Inconsistent former_name data on amendments was corrected.
10720 For Business Debtor Search in the API, names of 2 characters or longer can now be searched.
10059 Validation issues on entering Date of Order for a Court Order have been corrected.
10735 Removal of Collateral Type EV from the database. This code was not part of the legacy PPR application.
10736 Removal of Collateral Type EV (Electric Motor Vehicle) from registration logic. This code was not part of the legacy PPR application.
10739 Discontinue Collateral Type AP (Airplane) for new registrations. This was replaced with Collateral Types AC and AF.
9948 For Amendment of Crown Charge registrations, Undo and Remove buttons for Secured Party have been enabled.
10705 Search against a registration after an infinite renewal resulting in an error has been corrected.

Monday, January 17, 2022

Priority 1.0/1.5 tickets

Zenhub Ticket # Issue Description
10499 Fix to resolve internal errors when registering or submitting a saved draft registration.
10298 The search results report for Staff wasn’t showing the correct Account Name, displaying as ‘Not available’ or the wrong value.
10573 When logged on as SBC Staff, fee amounts displayed in the UI did not match the fee amounts in the Transaction list for the account.
10569 After a renewal, the original base registration verification statement was displaying with the updated Expiration Date rather than the original Expiration Date when registered.
10508 Word wrapping of extra long words wasn’t occurring in tables. If the word didn’t fit within the table width, it was being cut off.
10502 When a search was done by Business Debtor and the business name was long, the Business Debtor section of the PDF did not expand to fit the full business name and part of the business name overwrote search details in the section below.
10066 On Third Party registrations, the My Registrations table was displaying a PDF Info icon rather than the Info icon for the Verification Statement. This was corrected to only display the Info icon.
10544 Guidance text has been added for entry of the Individual Debtor Name in registration and amendment.
10652 Badges to identify data changes made in an amendment (Added, Amended, Deleted) have been corrected.
8759 Registration edit and validation rules were aligned between the UI and API.
10672 Some expired registrations were displaying in the My Registrations table with a status of Active. This was corrected to display Expired as the status.

||New reg EV schema validation error:

“errorMessage”: “API backend third party service error.”, “rootCause”: “detail:[Schema validation: ‘EV’ is not one of [‘AC’, ‘AF’, ‘AP’, ‘BO’, ‘MH’, ‘MV’, ‘OB’, ‘TR’].],message:003: Financing Statement request data validation errors.


New reg AP validation error: {“errorMessage”: “API backend third party service error.”, “rootCause”: “detail:[Additional validation: Vehicle Collateral type AP is not allowed. ],message:003: Financing Statement request data validation errors.